FCC Releases Public Notice Regarding Auction 101 Closing and Upcoming Auction 102

On January 24, 2019, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Office of Economics and Analytics (“WTB” and “OEA,” respectively) released a Public Notice announcing that bidding in Auction 101 of 28 GHz Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service (“UMFUS”) has concluded. No bids, withdrawals, or proactive activity waivers were placed in round 176 of the Auction, triggering the simultaneous stopping rule.

Auction 101 raised a total of $702,572,410 with a total of 2,965 28 GHz UMFUS licenses won. The WTB and OEA will release a public notice next week (the Auction 101 Closing Public Notice) with the specifics on deadlines for payments and long-form application filing. Qualified bidders will be sent a copy of the Auction 101 Closing Public Notice with individualized letters with payment obligation details. Additionally, WTB and OEA will release a separate public notice next week about the upfront payment deadline and bidding start date for Auction 102.

As a reminder, the identities of winning bidders will remain non-public until after the close of bidding in Auction 102.

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