T-Mobile/Sprint Approval Order Released

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, the Commission released the Memorandum Opinion and Order, Declaratory Ruling, and Order of Proposed Modification (“MO&O”) in the Applications of T-Mobile US, Inc. and Sprint Corporation for Consent to Transfer Control of Licenses and Authorizations proceeding (WT Docket No. 18-197). This item was adopted on October 16, 2019 on a party-line vote.

The MO&O approves the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint transaction with a series of commitments to address the potential for lost price competition, including requiring the divestiture of Boost Mobile, ultimately concluding that the transaction, as conditioned, would not substantially lessen competition and would be in the public interest. The MO&O also concludes, contingent upon DISH Network Corporation’s (“DISH”) purchase of Boost Mobile, that certain extensions and conditions of DISH licenses and additional DISH license modifications would be in the public interest, subject to a final determination by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau regarding modifying certain DISH licenses.

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