FCC Announces Accelerated Clearing in the C-band

On June 1, 2020, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau released a Public Notice announcing that Eutelsat S.A. (“Eutelsat”), Intelsat US LLC (“Intelsat”), SES Americom Inc. (“SES”), Claro S.A. f/k/a Star One S.A. (“Claro”), and Telesat Canada (“Telesat”) have committed to clear the C-band on the accelerated timeline adopted in the C-band Report and Order (GN Docket No. 18-122).


The Commission required that at least 80% of accelerated relocation payments be accepted in order for the Commission to accept those elections and trigger accelerated clearing of the C-band. This 80% minimum threshold has been met and each of the operators listed above have accepted the obligations associated with accelerated clearing.


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