FCC Issues Robocall Initial Determination Order Against One Eye LLC

On April 3, 2023, the Enforcement Bureau issued its first ever Initial Determination Order against a voice service provider, One Eye LLC (“One Eye”), for failure to comply with FCC call blocking rules for gateway providers.  As discussed below, the FCC previously issued a Notice of Suspected Illegal Robocall Traffic to One Eye for transmitting apparently illegal traffic as a gateway provider.  The Notice required One Eye to investigate and block the traffic and report the results of the investigation to the Enforcement Bureau by March 2, 2023.  One Eye has not responded to this Notice.

The Initial Determination Order directs One Eye to submit a final response to the Bureau 14 days of the Order.  If no response is filed or the FCC is unsatisfied with the contents of the response, the Enforcement Bureau will issue a Final Determination Order requiring all immediate downstream providers to block and cease accepting all traffic received directly from One Eye beginning 30 days after release of the Final Determination Order.

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